Types of partnerships


Every engagement is different; that's a good thing.

Marketing your small business doesn’t have to mean a lot of overhead. Test the market, empower your staff and represent yourself authentically online.

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Consulting services are about sharing expertise and taking your business to the next level.

While there are a variety of avenues to explore, we'll figure out a strategy that works best to meet your goals and stay within your budget.

marketing audit & inventory

An audit exposes bottlenecks and big-wins in your current marketing situation.

Making sure there is consistent messaging and the material to back it up is an ongoing inventory process, we can make it a habit together. 

outsourced marketing management

Your inhouse team needs guidance and I’m here to make sure everything is on pace with your overall strategy. Consistency sells. Who are you, who is making sure everyone knows?

vendor management

Marketing teams can get spread thin, quick.

Make sure your vendors are holding up their end of the service and benefit agreement. With just an hour or two a week we can keep all the moving parts, moving.

content management

Social is a must, personal branding helps, when the whole team is contributing, you look like the experts you say you are.

Oh, you are! 

vacation rentals

With more and more vacation rentals popping up in your area you have to stick out. Let me help you get the booking! Content, space design, and other marketing musts to make money on your investment.

event planning

Client and employee appreciation, conference planning, day-of wedding management, and other

Let’s celebrate!