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Who am I connecting with? Jackie Lerash, Freelance Marketing Consultant, Denver, Colorado.

Jackie’s work ethic was born in the Detroit hospitality space and grew into sales and marketing when she took an event manager role in Chicago’s theatre district. Her career transitioned into employee benefits, culture and onboarding with an HR firm that was ahead of its time in employee engagement and internal communication initiatives.

This experience led her to a marketing management role at a tech firm where she was able to build a team to promote the company’s unique international brand, capitalizing on communications and messaging. It was there that she realized the traditional internal marketing role was dated and not very authentic.

Through networking, research and hustle, Jackie launched independently in 2015 to help small business owners showcase their people and the value they bring with their products and services. With a 'full-immersion' client on-boarding process in place, she is able to create genuine stories, leverage internal successes, and inspire brand ambassadors for elevating businesses naturally and without buzzwords.

Her minimalistic and authentic approach has helped 20 brands with over 600 projects in 3 years.

Jackie Lerash captured by    Holly Hursley Photo

Jackie Lerash captured by Holly Hursley Photo